Seat Belt Grabber Handle (2-Pack)

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Here are just a few of the key benefits of the Seat Belt Grabber Handle:

- No more struggling to reach and buckle your seat belt - it's easy now!

- Installation is simple with no moving parts (see instructions below)
- You can take it with you when you travel in other vehicles
- You don't have to take it on and off with every car ride - it can stay hooked around your seat belt for regular use
- The Handle is made out of a flexible and strong, yet soft plastic to give you the most comfortable and functional use

So many people can benefit from the Seat Belt Grabber Handle, like:

- Bigger-bodied people

- People with mobility challenges
- Those with shoulder injuries or who have had rotator cuff surgery
- Pregnant women
- The elderly

Installation Instructions: 

1. Unfasten the plastic knobs holding the flap together

2. Position the Grabber Handle around the seat belt so that the handle is facing the seat belt receptacle
3. Fasten the plastic knobs through the holes so that the Grabber Handle stays in place

And now you're ready to pull the seat belt across your body with ease!

The Seat Belt Grabber Handle lengthens by approximately 6 inches.

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